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Lotto Systems for 8 Numbers

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8-Number Lotto Systems, for 6-ball lotteries

A System 8 enables you to use 33% more numbers than playing a normal 6-number game.  Trouble is, it gets expensive – a Lotto System 8 requires 28 games.  However, there are cut-price alternatives – one of which you can get for free.

There is a 4-game Lotto System 8 that delivers First Prize IF you get three of four pairs correct. If you enter your 8 numbers as four pairs there are only four ways to combine three of four pairs.  These are  A-B-C, A-B-D, A-C-D and B-C-D. We give you the system for free simply by signing up on the Top Right of this website or here: – Simply visit Free Lotto Secrets and sign up and your free Lotto report will be delivered to you within 24 hours, including templates for you too easily transcribe the numbers 1-8 for your 8 chosen numbers.

But – this lottery system is ultra-powerful in that it ALSO delivers a 5-from-6 Guarantee; get your free lotto report and check out how powerful this 4-game system really is.

A lotto strategy we use is to play six sets of eight numbers, covering all 45 numbers once and three a second time (Australian Lotto).  You can also use six sets of eight numbers to cover 48 of the 49 numbers in a 49 Ball  lottery. Both of these options require just 24 games in total. This  can be applied  to any lottery worldwide or you can simply use 8, 16, 24, 32, or 40 numbers, according to your budget. Your free Lotto System 8 Report includes several templates for you to create multiple sets of eight numbers, along with a worked example.  Costs nothing, so check it out now and start playing “smart lotto.”

We think the above Free System is great, but if you do want a stronger Guarantee, then please Paypal $9 (AUD) to me by clicking here PayPal.Me/TerryFisher/9

An arrangement of all 8 numbers to guarantee that if you have just 4 winning numbers they will definitely be together – just 7 of the 28 games – a 4-from-4 lotto system.
An arrangement of all 8 numbers so that if you have just 5 winning numbers they will all be together in at least 1 line – just 12 of the 28 games – a 5-from-5 lotto system.

You can have your numbers as 1 to 8, and/or tell me your 8 numbers (one set only – please add $2 for each additional set of your 8 numbers).  Please note that I do not work weekends – your Lotto Special Report will be emailed out within 24 hours, Mon-Fri.

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