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Lotto Systems for 8 Numbers

Lotto System 8 - Winning Lotto Books Header

8-Number Lotto Systems, for 6-ball lotteries

A System 8 enables you to use 33% more numbers than playing a normal 6-number game.  Trouble is, it gets expensive – a Lotto System 8 requires 28 games.  However, there are cut-price alternatives – one of which you can get for free.

There is a 4-game Lotto System 8 that delivers First Prize IF you get three of four pairs correct. If you enter your 8 numbers as four pairs there are only four ways to combine three of four pairs.  These are  A-B-C, A-B-D, A-C-D and B-C-D. We give you the system for free simply by signing up on the Top Right of this website or here: – Simply visit Free Lotto Secrets and sign up and your free Lotto report will be delivered to you within 24 hours, including templates for you too easily transcribe the numbers 1-8 for your 8 chosen numbers.

But – this lottery system is ultra-powerful in that it ALSO delivers a 5-from-6 Guarantee; get your free lotto report and check out how powerful this 4-game system really is.

A lotto strategy we use is to play six sets of eight numbers, covering all 45 numbers once and three a second time (Australian Lotto).  You can also use six sets of eight numbers to cover 48 of the 49 numbers in a 49 Ball  lottery. Both of these options require just 24 games in total. This  can be applied  to any lottery worldwide or you can simply use 8, 16, 24, 32, or 40 numbers, according to your budget. Your free Lotto System 8 Report includes several templates for you to create multiple sets of eight numbers, along with a worked example.  Costs nothing, so check it out now and start playing “smart lotto.”

We think the above Free System is great, but if you do want a stronger Guarantee, then please Paypal $9 (AUD) to me by clicking here PayPal.Me/TerryFisher/9

An arrangement of all 8 numbers to guarantee that if you have just 4 winning numbers they will definitely be together – just 7 of the 28 games – a 4-from-4 lotto system.
An arrangement of all 8 numbers so that if you have just 5 winning numbers they will all be together in at least 1 line – just 12 of the 28 games – a 5-from-5 lotto system.

You can have your numbers as 1 to 8, and/or tell me your 8 numbers (one set only – please add $2 for each additional set of your 8 numbers).  Please note that I do not work weekends – your Lotto Special Report will be emailed out within 24 hours, Mon-Fri.

You can also contact me at

Lotto System 9 Alternatives

The Lotto System 8 above is great, but so is this Lotto System 9.

Our Lotto System 9 Alternatives include the very reasonable “Any 2 Trios from 3 Trios” – just THREE games.  The only way to combine 2 trios from 3 trios are A-B, A-C and B-C.  Now, in a 6-ball lottery you have 50% more numbers than a standard 6-number game and a 3-game Lotto System 9 that makes multiple entries covering all of the numbers in your lottery feasible. For our Australian 45-ball lottery we can play all 45 numbers in 5 sets of 9 in just 15 games.  A full Lotto System 9 requires 84 games (and is the only 100% guarantee) but this cut price lottery system is a great lotto strategy.

Like the cut price Lotto System 8 above, the “fail” scenario is good.  Since your best 2 Trios count, either a Trio with 3 winning lotto numbers + a Trio with just 1 winning lotto number OR two Trios with 2 winning lotto numbers each will both guarantee a 4-number payout.  In fact, if you have 6 winning numbers anywhere in a set of 9, then 4 or more winning lotto numbers must be together.

Winning Lotto System 9 AlternativesIf you have 4, 5 or 6 numbers within any TWO Trios then they must be together; at just 3 games this is a very powerful lottery system.

We give you blank templates, a worked example and some lottery strategies in your Free Lotto System – Sign up at the top right now.

If you want even stronger guarantees, there is a further Lotto Report that guarantees:

a)  4-from-4 PLUS 5-from-6 in just 12 games

b) 5-from-5 in just 30 games

To Upgrade, simply pay $9 (AUD) by clicking here: PayPal.Me/TerryFisher/9

If you are serious about playing lotto you should have a DUAL strategy – Aim for First Prize and, secondly, if you miss, aim for a prize of some kind. This kind of system, coupled with playing all of the numbers in your lottery in multiple sets of 9 numbers, gives you a good chance of regular small prizes.

Good Luck!

Lotto System 10 Alternatives

At 210 games for a Full Lotto System 10, it makes sense to look for alternatives that have some sort of guarantee.

What if you could save 200 of those games and still have a Conditional Guarantee of First Prize?  Now you can – And it is free!  Just sign up at the top right and you will get your Free Lotto System 10 about a week after signing up (you get a free lotto system 8 and a free lotto system 9 first, a few days apart).

The Secret is to play your Conditional Lotto System 10 as “Any 3 of 5 Pairs.”  If you have all 6 winning lotto numbers contained within 3 pairs – you have First Prize! In just 10 games.

This is a great system for 49-ball lotteries.  Play 5 sets of 10 lotto numbers and you can cover all 49 numbers and 1 twice.  At 50 games to cover all 49 numbers it is beginning to move towards a Lotto Group System but if you want to play individually simply play 10, 20, 30 numbers – whatever sits comfortably within your budget.

Done For You Lotto System 10Is there a Pro upgrade to this Free Lotto System 10? Yep. At least 5 numbers together no matter where the 6 winning numbers are in your chosen 10 requires just 18 games – but remember if the 6 numbers are within just 3 of your pairs then all 6 winning lotto numbers WILL be together. To guarantee 5 winning lotto numbers or more together even if the 6 winning numbers are spread across 5 pairs requires only 18 games, so a sensible upgrade.

To guarantee that if you only have 4 winning lotto numbers they WILL be together requires just 24 games.  Each step-up improves your chances of a payout but increases the cost of playing – So make staying within a sensible budget your top priority.

To move to a 5-from-5 winning lotto system involves playing 63 games BUT I suggest multiple versions of the lower level systems, preferably playing ALL of the lotto numbers in your particular lottery.

To purchase the Pro version of Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers, simply click here: PayPal.Me/TerryFisher/10

Lotto System 12 Alternatives

We have seen the advantages of Pairs (System 8 and System 10) and the advantages of Trios (System 9 and System 12) – But the Lotto System 12 embraces both Pairs and Trios.

To play any 2 of 4 Trios requires just 6 games.  This means for a 49-ball pick-6 lottery you can cover 48 of the 49 numbers in just 4 sets of 6 games, 24 games in total. With just ONE full Lottery System 12 requiring 924 games, playing 48 of the 49 numbers in just 24 games is a great value for money lotto strategy.

Lotto System 12 BookWe have written a full book on Alternative System 12’s.

In addition to the 2 of 4 Trios in just 6 games, you can find:

Any 3 Pairs from 6 Pairs in just 20 games; guarantees First Prize if you have the 6 winning numbers within 3 Pairs. This is a great value for money option as your best 3 pairs count – so 2 winning lotto numbers in one pair + just 1 winning number in 2 other pairs gives you a 4-number payout (as does 2 winning numbers in two pairs).

Extending the guarantee to include both 5-from-6 and 4-from-4 if you have the 6 winning lotto numbers anywhere, in just an extra 34 games.

Including all of the above, we have just 60 games.  Given that a full System 12 is 924 games, these 60 games are incredibly powerful.  However, we think this is becoming a Group Entry, especially if you are playing multiple sets of 12 numbers. The option is given to play at several levels to suit different budgets.

Check out for some great options. You can get a free copy of the book to preview the concept, an inexpensive paid version that provides simple templates for you to use or an option that includes me setting everything up for you in return for a free share in your Lotto Group Entry.  If you want a 3-Time Lottery winner on your team,here is your chance!



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