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Lotto System 9 Alternatives

The Lotto System 8 above is great, but so is this Lotto System 9.

Our Lotto System 9 Alternatives include the very reasonable “Any 2 Trios from 3 Trios” – just THREE games.  The only way to combine 2 trios from 3 trios are A-B, A-C and B-C.  Now, in a 6-ball lottery you have 50% more numbers than a standard 6-number game and a 3-game Lotto System 9 that makes multiple entries covering all of the numbers in your lottery feasible. For our Australian 45-ball lottery we can play all 45 numbers in 5 sets of 9 in just 15 games.  A full Lotto System 9 requires 84 games (and is the only 100% guarantee) but this cut price lottery system is a great lotto strategy.

Like the cut price Lotto System 8 above, the “fail” scenario is good.  Since your best 2 Trios count, either a Trio with 3 winning lotto numbers + a Trio with just 1 winning lotto number OR two Trios with 2 winning lotto numbers each will both guarantee a 4-number payout.  In fact, if you have 6 winning numbers anywhere in a set of 9, then 4 or more winning lotto numbers must be together.

Winning Lotto System 9 AlternativesIf you have 4, 5 or 6 numbers within any TWO Trios then they must be together; at just 3 games this is a very powerful lottery system.

We give you blank templates, a worked example and some lottery strategies in your Free Lotto System – Sign up at the top right now.

If you want even stronger guarantees, there is a further Lotto Report that guarantees:

a)  4-from-4 PLUS 5-from-6 in just 12 games

b) 5-from-5 in just 30 games

To Upgrade, simply pay $9 (AUD) by clicking here: PayPal.Me/TerryFisher/9

If you are serious about playing lotto you should have a DUAL strategy – Aim for First Prize and, secondly, if you miss, aim for a prize of some kind. This kind of system, coupled with playing all of the numbers in your lottery in multiple sets of 9 numbers, gives you a good chance of regular small prizes.

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