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Lotto Group Entry

Lotto System 12 Alternatives

We have seen the advantages of Pairs (System 8 and System 10) and the advantages of Trios (System 9 and System 12) – But the Lotto System 12 embraces both Pairs and Trios.

To play any 2 of 4 Trios requires just 6 games.  This means for a 49-ball pick-6 lottery you can cover 48 of the 49 numbers in just 4 sets of 6 games, 24 games in total. With just ONE full Lottery System 12 requiring 924 games, playing 48 of the 49 numbers in just 24 games is a great value for money lotto strategy.

Lotto System 12 BookWe have written a full book on Alternative System 12’s.

In addition to the 2 of 4 Trios in just 6 games, you can find:

Any 3 Pairs from 6 Pairs in just 20 games; guarantees First Prize if you have the 6 winning numbers within 3 Pairs. This is a great value for money option as your best 3 pairs count – so 2 winning lotto numbers in one pair + just 1 winning number in 2 other pairs gives you a 4-number payout (as does 2 winning numbers in two pairs).

Extending the guarantee to include both 5-from-6 and 4-from-4 if you have the 6 winning lotto numbers anywhere, in just an extra 34 games.

Including all of the above, we have just 60 games.  Given that a full System 12 is 924 games, these 60 games are incredibly powerful.  However, we think this is becoming a Group Entry, especially if you are playing multiple sets of 12 numbers. The option is given to play at several levels to suit different budgets.

Check out for some great options. You can get a free copy of the book to preview the concept, an inexpensive paid version that provides simple templates for you to use or an option that includes me setting everything up for you in return for a free share in your Lotto Group Entry.  If you want a 3-Time Lottery winner on your team,here is your chance!



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